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its have been a while since i didnt post anything in my WP blog since the last previous computer in education course that i take in 2010..OMG!! its already about 2 years!! haha..

But here i am again.. =) for the compulsary courses of our faculty that is TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION.Here in this subject i meet again with my previous lecturer Dr Rosseni Din.I’m really into this subject because i’m really interested towards techno.In this subject i’ll learn about how to apply techno inovation in teaching especially in teaching aids.My expectation in the end of the lesson i’ll able to grab all the content and able to produce an interesting work.

In the last class i watched some of the senior video production,that is very cool.For me all their video are good.They are still learning about it so for me it doesn’t matter if the video have some minor flaws.We as a watcher can critics so many things but first of all.Do ask ourself “Do i expert in this???”.. So, try to respect others work and how difficult are they to finish the video production.If i have to do the video next time i’ll do it better and try to improve it.



microsoft access =)

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week 13……………

I’m finally finish up my access data base and QUERY that ask by Puan AIDAH…

ThankS A lot to Puan Aidah and my friends especially Sarah,Solah and Aiman help me a looooootttttt…




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Today we are given a task to day finish a Microsoft excel work..

There are so many format and certain term of formula/function that i have to remember and take note to done it..I got a big mistake when my table keep refuse my inserted words a.k.a formula….huhu..i’m almost lost my patient but with the help of my prof the problem easily overcome… =)

That is very enjoyable actually…it one of the most useful knowledge tahat i can use till become a perfect….`Teacher Miera’..hahahaha

ThIS is my Excell work by `PRINT SCREEN’

WEEK 6……..reflection towards project 4(power point)

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Thanks. I’m Mira Mumtaz binti Abd Wa’fa of TESL Program Year 1. To work for the week 7 & 8, I think it is more complimentary than the previous project. The project was Powerpoint, Powerpoint skills to be more informative, organized and attractive. the guideline from Dr. Rosseni been prepared on the blog is helping to complete this task. I think PowerPoint was a very effective medium to convey knowledge to students and attract more students to focus on lesson and be the most interactive one.I’m confident this knowledge will help me and will practice later in my life…
Thanks a LOt Prof


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Today, our class is being handled by the Miss Aidah.She teach us how to use UKM’s Library website.We are told by her to do a critical review bout the guidelines to use PTSL database.

To go to PTSL’s official website, you can click on the link below:

It’s  not as easy as we’re thought….OMG…it’s difficult,but with co-operate and help from my group mber..we manage to finish it.But,we also have to make a bronchure bout it…this is my first time ‘making’ my first bronchure,not me it same with my group too..that is farhana and shuhada..Oh no,for me it great,…hahahahahaha.and now finally,we manage done a simply the best bronchure ever(^-^)